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Just three hours from Athens to position Limeni City East Mani, in one of the prettiest and most picturesque seaside preserved settlement of Laconia, the company Aglaia Earth Ltd. manufactures a holiday REAL ESTATE from 16 residences combining harmony and great architecture, and cultural identity of Mani. Accessibility by road Athens - Tripoli - Sparta - Areopolis is quite good, safe and relatively short, given by the International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos, the distance does not exceed three hours' drive away, while the distance to the airport Kalamata half hour. The company, in order to contribute to the promotion and enhancement of the unique beauty of the area, all manufactured homes are custom and tradition in the face of Mani thus highlighting the particular architecture. All homes are designed to be compatible with the natural and built environment of Mani. Thus, in this study placed particular emphasis on organization and operation of Mani settlements, where their position in the volume, but mainly their orientation uniquely synthesizes a puzzle which is distinguished for its architectural and aesthetic wholeness. It is also a unique model of development, which, on the one hand respects the local morphological patterns and the other based on a prudent, controlled and friendly use of the Mani Mani landscape and architecture.